Laboratory for Brain and Machine Intelligence

Laboratory for Brain and Machine Intelligence @ KAIST

Laboratory for brain and machine intelligence, KAIST

Journal Publications

  • Lee, S. W.*
    Reinforcement learning: from algorithms to neuroscience.
    Commun. KIISE, 36, 8–16 (2018). (written in Korean)

  • Choung, O., Lee, S. W.* & Jeong, Y.*
    Exploring Feature Dimensions to Learn a New Policy in an Uninformed Reinforcement Learning Task.
    Scientific Reports 7, 17676 (2017).

  • Lee, S. W.*, Yi, T., Han, J.-S., Jung, J.-W., and Bien, Z.
    Design of a Gait Phase Recognition System that can cope with EMG Electrode Location Variation.
    IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering 14(3) (2017).

  • An, S. J. & Lee, S. W.*
    A Study on the Exploration-Exploitation Dilemma using an uncertainty-driven state space learning algorithm.
    J. Korean Inst. Intell. Syst. 27, (2017). (written in Korean)

  • Lee, S.W.*, O'Doherty, J.P., and Shimojo, S.
    Neural computations mediating one-shot learning in the human brain.
    PLOS Biology 13(4): e1002137 (2015).
    (synopsis "How one-shot learning unfolds in the brain" by Weaver, J.)

  • O'Doherty, J.P., Lee, S.W., McNamee, D.
    The structure of reinforcement-learning mechanisms in the human brain.
    Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences 1, 94-100 (2015).

  • Lee, S.W.*, Shimojo, S., and O'Doherty, J.P.
    Neural computations underlying arbitration between model-based and model-free learning.
    Neuron 81, 687-699 (2014).
    (front cover; preview "Decisions about decisions" by Yoshida, W. and Seymour, B.)

  • Lee, S.W.*, Prenzel, O., and Bien, Z.
    Applying Human Learning Principles to User-Centered IoT Systems.
    IEEE Computer 46, 46-52 (2013). (cover feature)

  • Han, J.-S., Lee, S.W.*, and Bien, Z.
    Feature Subset Selection Using Separability Index Matrix.
    Information Sciences 223, 102-118 (2013).

  • Isik, L., Leibo, J.Z., Mutch, J., Lee, S.W., and Poggio, T.
    A hierarchical model of peripheral vision.
    MIT CSAIL Technical Report, MIT-CSAIL-TR-2011-031 (2011).

  • Jeon, M., Lee, S.W., and Bien, Z.
    Hand Gesture Recognition using Multivariate Fuzzy Decision Tree and User Adaptation.
    International Journal of Fuzzy System Applications 1, 15-31 (2011).

  • Bien, Z. and Lee, S.W.
    Learning Structure of Human Behavior Patterns in a Smart Home System.
    Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing 82, 1-15 (2010).

  • Lee, S.W., Kim, Y.S., and Bien, Z.
    A Non-Supervised Learning Framework of Human Behavior Patterns Based on Sequential Actions.
    IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 22, 479-492 (2010).

  • Lee, S.W. and Bien, Z.
    Representation of a Fisher Criterion Function in a Kernel Feature Space.
    IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks 21, 333-339 (2010).

  • Lee, S.W., Kim, Y.S., Park, K.-H., and Bien, Z.
    Iterative Bayesian Fuzzy Clustering toward Flexible Icon-based Assistive Software for the Disabled.
    Information Sciences 180, 325-340 (2010).

  • Grigorescu, S.M., Lee, S.W., and Ristic-Durrant, D.
    Robust Object Recognition in Service Robotics.
    Proceedings of 30th Colloquium of Automation (2009).

  • Song, J.-H., Jung, J.-W., Lee, S.W., and Bien, Z.
    Robust EMG Pattern Recognition to Muscular Fatigue Effect for Powered Wheelchair Control.
    Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems 20, 3-12 (2009).

  • Prenzel, O., Lee, S.W., Bien, Z., and Graeser, A.
    A Study on the Application of the Software Framework MASSiVE in KAIST's Intelligent Sweet Home System.
    International Journal of Assistive Robotics and Mechatronics 9 (2008).

  • Jeon, M., Do, J.-H., Lee, S.W., Park, K.-H., and Bien, Z.
    A Personalized Hand Gesture Recognition System using Soft Computing Techniques.
    Journal of Korea Institute of Intelligent Systems 18, 53-59 (2008). (written in Korean)

  • Bien, Z., Han, J.-S., and Lee, S.W.
    Feature Subset Selection of Biosignals for Rehabilitation System.
    Proceedings of 28th Colloquium of Automation (2007).

  • Kim, S., Jeon, M., Lee, S.W., Park, K.-H., and Bien, Z.
    Development of Assistive Software for Disabled and Aged People Based on User Characteristics - Unified User Interface for Special Work Chair.
    Journal of the Institute of Electronics Engineers of Korea 44 (2007). (written in Korean)

  • Kim, Y.S., Lee, S.W., Kang, S., Baek, Y.S., Hwang, S. and Bien, Z.
    Supervised IAFC Neural Network Based on the Fuzzi cation of Learning Vector Quantization.
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4253, 248-254 (2006).

  • Lee, S.W., Kim, D.-J., Kim, Y.S., and Bien, Z.
    Gabor Wavelet Neural Network-Based Facial Expression Recognition System.
    Journal of Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent System 16, 1-7 (2006). (written in Korean)

  • Lee, S.W., Kim, D.-J., Kim, Y.S., and Bien, Z.
    Training of Feature Extractor via New Cluster Validity - Application to Adaptive Facial Expression Recognition.
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3864, 542-547 (2005).

  • Kwon, Y.-J., Kim, D.-J., Lee, S.W., and Bien, Z.
    Development of Half-Mirror Interface System and Its Application for Ubiquitous Environment.
    Journal of Control, Automation and System Engineering 11, 1-7 (2005). (written in Korean)