Laboratory for Brain and Machine Intelligence

Laboratory for Brain and Machine Intelligence @ KAIST

Laboratory for brain and machine intelligence, KAIST

Brain and Cognitive Engineering II (2016 Fall BCE501) *will be updated soon

Course Summary


This course covers the technological challenges in the field of brain and cognitive engineering by learning about engineering solutions in brain science, cognitive science, and clinical medicine. The topics include:

-          BCI and EEG
-          neural computation
-          computational psychiatry
-          neuromodulation
-          brain on a chip
-          neural decoding
-          fMRI and functional connectivity
-          dynamic systems and networks
-          retinal prosthesis and cochlear implant

Selected topics will be covered by faculties in other departments/institutes with relevant expertise

Lecture Room

Updated: Rm.#220 -> Rm.#215 (E16 ChungMoonSoul B/D)


Mondays and Wednesdays 13:00-14:30


Sang Wan Lee (, Rm.#1117 E16, T. 4334)

Office Hours

Tuesday and Thursdays 11 AM – noon

Teaching Assistant

Jihyea Lee




3 units (3:0:0).


This course requires undergraduate level neuroscience (BiS451 or 353), biophysics (BiS322), bioelectronics (BiS252), biomedical instrumentation (BiS350) or related courses.


- Attendance 20%
- Weekly short report 20%
- Mid-term report 20%,
- Final report 20%,
- Term project presentation 20%

Term project presentation: ‘Recent advances in neural engineering technology’


Bin He, Neural Engineering (Download through


Not allowed unless there is any special reason.

Lecture slides, announcements, and etc.


Lecture Schedule

Week 1
Introduction, basic neurophysiology, neural modelling
- Weekly short report : chapter 1 and 6

Week 2
Brain-computer interface
- No class on Wednesday (Korean thanksgiving)
- Weekly short report : chapter 2 and 4

Week 3
EEG signal processing, neural information processing basics
- Wed special lecture series: Yongseo Yoo (Hongik Univ.)
- Weekly short report : chapter 5

Week 4
Neural computation
- Wed special lecture series: Yongseo Yoo (Hongik Univ.)
- Weekly short report : chapter 7

Week 5
Computational psychiatry
- No class on Monday (the national foundation day)
- Wed: International workshop on computational psychiatry
- Weekly short report : Wed workshop summary

Week 6
- Wed special lecture series: Sue-Hyun Lee (KAIST)
- Weekly short report : chapter 9 and 10

Week 7
Brain on a chip
- Mon special lecture series: Yoonkey Nam (KAIST)
- Wed special seminar: JeeHang Lee (Yonsei Univ, Korea/Univ of Bath, UK)
- Wed event: KAIST medical imaging workshop
- Weekly short report : summary report on either Wed special seminar or Medical imaging workshop

(Week 8)
Midterm exam week (Mid-term report due)

Week 9
Neural decoding
- Wed: KAIST neural computation workshop
- Weekly short report : Wed workshop summary

Week 10
Functional magnetic resonance imaging
- Wed special lecture series: Sung-Hong Park (KAIST)
- Weekly short report : chapter 10

Week 11
Functional connectivity in the brain, retinal bioengineering
- Weekly short report : 13

Week 12
Memory modeling
- Mon class : Retinal bioengineering/prosthesis (makeup class)
- No class on Wednesday (undergraduate interview day)
- Fri special lecture: Sukbin Lim (NYU Shanghai), Recurrent network models for working memory
- Weekly short report : chapter 14 and 15

Week 13
Dynamical systems and network theory
- Mon special lecture series: Seung-Woo Son (Hanyang Univ.) - 2 class hrs*
*2 class-hour lecture will be given on Mon, so there is no class on Wed.

Week 14
- No class (makeup class -> Week 15)

Week 15
- Mon: Term project presentation (1/2) - 2 class hrs*
- Wed: Term project presentation (2/2) - 2 class hrs*
*11:50-14:30. Lunch will be provided.

(Week 16)
Final exam week (Final report due)